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Sex is naturally beautiful but sometimes trying something new and completely different can give an unforgettable experience.

Feeling pleasure by orgasm is not only good for your health also improves mood, fights stress, helps relaxation, and trains the pelvic muscles. The same thing goes for couple sex: it creates intimacy, improves mood, and the more you do it the more you feel like it.

There are so many ways to enjoy during eroticism and during the couple sex especially during foreplay which is a fundamental phase of sex. Among the many possibilities, there are remote control sex toys, with and without wires, controllable with Wireless connection.

What Are Remote Control Vibrators And How Couples Can Use It?

The remote control sex toys are perfect for eroticism, provide the ability to manage and control the sexual pleasure without having to tire, in fact, with most of the energy vibrators are used to hold the vibrator with one hand, direct it on the side right, check the vibes and in all that Enjoy!

With remote sex toys, just push a couple of buttons and enjoy effortlessly. Among the various types, there is Easytoys Mini Vibe Collection Easytoys Remote Control Vibrating Egg- Pink: these vibrators comes with a wireless remote control that stimulates the female pleasure.

Another vibrator controllable via wireless remote control is Loving Joy TUX Remote Control Couples Cock Ring. It is designed to stimulate both partners for the perfect couple’s sex.  It features a long clitoral stimulator that can also be used as a clitoral vibrator.

Couples Vibrator: For Eroticism And For Teasing Games

The Vibrating Eggs have different and super exciting characteristics, the only thing in common is the "bullet" shape that makes it comfortable and easy to use for both vaginal and anal penetration.

Equipped with a wired or wireless remote control to independently manage vibrations and sexual pleasure. The remote control sex toys with wire are perfect for eroticism, they are easy to use and require minimal effort.

A vibrating egg with wireless remote control, on the  other hand, is perfect for creating erotic games with your partner and is certainly mischievous:

LUV EGG: Those couples who are looking for exciting remote sex toys, this LUV EGG is the perfect vibrating egg. It has an extra powerful motor and comes with 12 settings of vibration. A unique experience to be lived in total tranquility and freedom.


Eroticism is a fundamental sexual practice and there are many ways to do it at its best and to enjoy its beneficial effects to the maximum. The vibrators with remote control can take erotic experience to the new heights and increase the togetherness and bonding in couples. 

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