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The intimate lubricants reproduce with their components the natural liquids of the body, intervening in all sexual situations in which it is necessary to provide greater lubricity to the affected areas. Perfect to be used with condoms for women and for all types of intercourse: anal and vaginal.

However, you shouldn't use any product to lubricate condoms. In fact, petroleum jelly, moisturizing milk, and other cosmetic creams increase the risk of condoms breaking.

Lubricants that contain fatty bodies must be banned. Oils and other fats weaken the latex.

Studies have shown that these substances reduce the resistance of latex by 90%. Only water-soluble lubricating gels are compatible with condoms. The problem for the consumer remains that of being able to identify gels compatible with condoms in the departments of pharmacies, supermarkets, and sex shops, favoring products that bear the words "water-soluble" or "water-based".

But the important question, the core of the discussion, is: Which is the best anal lubricant that can be used with a condom?

Some of them are not compatible with condoms for women, for example, oil-based lubricants are not recommended because they could damage the condom.

Possible Combos Between Condoms And Lubricants

Here are some possible combinations to make couple sex even more enjoyable and stimulating:

  • Delaying condoms and stimulating lubricants for her: the condom delays ejaculation while the stimulating lubricant for her, teases the female orgasm;
  • NON-lubricated condoms and neutral lubricant: a perfect combo for those who don't like the intimate gel contained in condoms for women but prefer to use only their own trusted lubricant!

The combinations between condoms and lubricants are so many and depend on the needs and desires of the couple, another example:

Durable condoms and silicone-based lubricant: perfect for anal intercourse and to avoid unpleasant inconveniences such as condom breakage. The silicone lubricant will slide the penis while protecting the year while the condom will prevent contact between the anus and penis for greater safety and hygiene.

Types of intimate lubricants:

  • Water-based, they come in the form of a gel, they are non-greasy, odorless, or flavored, and their use is recommended in all situations where it is necessary to protect the intimate parts from irritation or burning with lubrication capable of promoting penetration. 
  • Silicone-based: the best anal lubricant perfected for anal intercourse, have a soft and creamy consistency, last longer, and do not require additional applications. The anus is not as elastic as the vagina, there is little lubrication, and is more prone to irritation and lacerations. With silicone-based intimate lubricants, aniline relationships become simpler and more pleasant.
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